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17 Jul 2023

The ultimate guide to understanding the internet's most sought-after aesthetics

The ultimate guide to understanding the internet's most sought-after aesthetics

With the advent of TikTok, trend cycles have never been more at the forefront or moved as fast. Whilst personal style will always reign supreme, there's nothing more fun than leaning into new trends and bringing them to life in a way that's authentic and unique to you. Here are the terms you need to know to ensure you're up to date with the internet's most prominent, exciting aesthetics. 



The world's favorite doll has become the fashion set's favorite inspiration. With the Barbie movie establishing itself as the most impressive marketer of the year, it's of little surprise that it's reaching every corner of the design and lifestyle landscape. Leaning into nostalgia and reminding us that fashion should be fun, Barbiecore seems to be sticking around longer than even the most established trend forecasters and commentators first predicted. Read more about applying the Barbiecore trend here. 



Coastal Grandmother

What started as a nod to the lived-in, neutral appeal of seaside abodes has now crept into other trends too, with Coastal Cowboy and Coastal Grandmother also sneaking onto the scene. Any way you look at it, this aesthetic is all about authenticity. Clothing needs to be well-worn, beauty looks need to last in breezy conditions, palettes should stay nautical-inspired, and interiors must feel genuinely lived in. 




Cowboys aren't just coastal in 2023, with namesake boots, fringing, suede and outback motifs being reached for by the world's most fashionable celebrities, stylists, influencers and creators. Luckily, there are endless ways to be inspired by Western ware, whether it's through bandana-inspired paisley prints, pairing Western accents with regular outfits, or making the most of a desert-themed palette. 




With the advent of AI and the inclusion of technology on runways at most recent fashion weeks, it's impossible to ignore a move towards futurism. Think lots of silver and blue, deliberately pixelated patterns, accessories that make you question if they're for form alone or also function, and a new take on the term 'minimalism'. 



Indie Sleaze

In direct contrast to the 'clean' aesthetics that have dominated tastes in recent years, Indie Sleaze offers an alternative for those seeking a more unrestrained style. Here, band tees and cargo pants meet smudged makeup and choppy hairstyles. 




Another trend that has a movie to thank for its meteoric rise is Mermaidcore, providing fans with the perfect combination of fashion and fantasy. One of Pinterest Predict's number one trends for the year, we're seeing pearls, design details that resemble waves, shades inspired by the deep sea, and ocean motifs across all facets of fashion, beauty and design. 




A trend that is by no means new, Regencycore has shown its staying power with heightened searches for the style every time Bridgerton hits mainstream conversation. With the next season just around the corner, it's only a matter of time before we reach for some more gilded glamour and added elegance within our outfits, home, experiences and surroundings. 




Inspired by the romantic comedies that the 90s and early 2000s did so well, this aesthetic is all about a sense of whimsy and harmless adventure. Fans of this trend believe that dressing down is so last season, instead looking to romanticize the every day, even if it's at the expense of a little bit of comfort. 



Vanilla Girl

Once known online as the 'clean girl aesthetic', Vanilla Girl reminds us that simple and paired back doesn't mean boring. Focusing on a neutral color palette, clean lines and polished designs, Vanilla Girls keep their looks, surroundings and beauty simple but stylish at all times. 



Quiet Luxury

With Sophie Richie dominating social media and conversations on style, logo-mania has well and truly been pushed aside for quiet luxury. This trend is about an 'if you know, you know' approach to style rather than obvious displays of brand names, bold statements and instantly recognizable silhouettes, instead taking elements from Vanilla Girl and Coastal Grandma's classic style. 




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